Photo: Maikki Palm

Black sand & Dance classes


Last Sunday me, Elsa and Kendall went to catch some waves and vitamin D to Muriwai beach.

Ocean was amazing. Black sand underneath my feet felt like nothing I have experienced before.

(Picture by Kendall Jones)


(Picture by Elsa Heikkilä)

I have been spending quite a lot of time in the post-graduate lab. There is really united atmosphere here. Full support is present.


Morning classes have been gentle, clear and specific.


Sometimes Princess Nokia comes out from the speakers in contemporary class.

Some mornings we improvise “the body and the carrier”- practise.

Ballet feels amazing after couple years

and not only because our teacher Hamish has created interesting practises for us.


This week I got back to street dance.

I am super exited to learn more hip hop-material in the class environment that makes me remember how great dancing can be.

For the matter of a weekend I needed to go and do some shopping.

A cute used books store was found at K’road.

First time I red Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Bach) I was spending my holiday in Hungerford, England.

I wound not have believed if someone would have told me where I will be reading the same book for the next time.

It is amazing to be in the other side of the globe.

Sometimes the idea of my family and friends sleeping through my days and vice versa makes me feel a bit weird. Not bad weird. But weird.


For this weekend we will head to more shows in amazing Fringe festival. I cannot wait!