Alcina, magical creature inside and out


The Sibelius Academy opera students, orchestra and choir will bring to stage their interpretation on G.F. Händel's opera Alcina. Each students has also explored the backgrounds and character of their own role. in the Opera behind the scenes blog htey will present their characters in texts that are written together with opera researcher Liisamaija Hautsalo. They also came up with a specific motto or each character! First to present her character, Alcina, is Réka Bata.

Alcina, the main charcter of G.F Handel’s opera with the same name, is a sorceress, the queen of her own island. She used to enjoy turning men into rocks, beasts, and other kinds of objects or animals. Now Alcina is in love with Ruggiero, who is under her spell. She keeps on “fighting” for him, but does not understand that true love comes from the heart, not from a spell. Or does she? Either Alcina is desperate due to past heartbreak and seeking for true love in the wrong way, or she is simply a cruel woman. I’d like to believe in the first statement, and I’d like to believe that if there was a continuation for the sequel, she’d eventually find her significant other.

I think that some part of her is so miserable that she generally hates all men (until she finds “the one”), and that is why she kept transforming them into different inanimate and animate objects. Since she is a magician, she probably knows a lot about the universe and energies, and her source of power is not from any god.

To me, when she mentions stars, gods, heavens, etc, that she means the energy of the cosmos/universe. My Alcina does not pledge anything to religions, and believes in free exercise of belief.

In my opinion, Alcina loves her sister, as her only remaining known family member in this story, but she wouldn’t ever resign from her control and her status as queen, not even for family’s sake. Maybe the only exception would be for her true love. I could imagine that Oronte would be a good partner for her, or maybe another magician. She has captured “weak” persons who fell under her spell quickly in the past, so she needs someone powerful and charming in her life, someone who can unleash her more vulnerable side to find peace, someone she can feel safe with.

Motto: “Can´t promise you won´t get wild with my sight…”


What happens in G.F. Händel’s opera, Alcina?

Knight Melisso and Bradamante, disguised as a man, are on a rescue mission to save Bradamante’s beloved, Ruggiero. Sorceress Alcina has caused a spell on Ruggiero and he is a prisoner in Alcinas enchanted island. Alcina’s sister Morgana, who is loved by Oronte, lives also in the same island. Arrival of the rescuers causes jealousy, when Morgana falls in love with disguised Bradamante.

Bradamante breaks Alcina’s spell and frees Ruggiero and all the other men, who Alcina had transformed into animals, rocks and plants.
Due to breaking the spell, Alcina and Morgana vanish up in smoke.



G.F.Händel: Alcina

Sibelius Academy opera, orchestra and choir
Vilppu Kiljunen, director
I-Han Fu and Sebastian Zinca, conductors
Jari Koivistoinen, chorus master
Aapo Häkkinen, music consultant
Riikka Mäntymaa, Csilla Szlovák and Elina Ström; students at AALTO Arts under Sofia Pantouvaki, costume designers
Tuija Luukkainen, makeup designer
Sirje Ruohtula, lighting designer


Alcina: Réka Bata
Morgana: Minna-Leena Lahti
Ruggiero: Rachel McIntosh
Bradamante: Ricciardo Isabella Shaw
Oronte: Topias Lundell
Melisso: Jussi Vänttinen / Henri Tikkanen


Fri 5 Apr at 18.30
Sat 6 Apr at 16.00
Sun 7 Apr at 16.00
Tue 9 Apr at 18.30
Sonore, Music Centre

Mon 15 Apr at 18.30
Sibelius Hall, Järvenpää Hall, Hallintokatu 4, Järvenpää