Before graduation: Maturity test


Before graduating, everyone – both Finnish and international students – must take a maturity test. If you are not aware of the nature of the test, let me fill you in shortly.

This is a test that is done in a general exam day in normal exam conditions. The only difference is that there is no need to prepare for it. There will be two questions related to the thesis that a student has submitted. A student must pick one of the questions and write a vast essay based on that.

I took the test in November this year, on a Saturday (yes, Saturday morning, not painful at all…) that was marked as one of the general exam dates. For us arts management students it is also possible to schedule an another time for the test, but this might depend on the department as well as professor.

It was a bit stressful to open the exam papers. I had somehow come up this funny thought that what would happen to me if I just simply couldn’t answer to the questions? Has that happened to anyone? Would people think that I had copied my thesis?

I highly recommend that do not think about these things, they are not good for anybody.

The questions of the test were easy and reasonable. It was of course a bit challenging to write the test in Finnish as the thesis was written in English. But I did a mind map where I wrote the main points in both English and in Finnish and then just started writing. A mind map has always been a good writing plan for me when writing an exam, but of course there are many ways to proceed.

After writing all the things mentioned in my mind map, an hour and a half later I was done. I packed my bag, gave the paper back and was done. Hooray me!