20 years of arts management


Last Thursday me and some of my classmates were attending to the arts management jubilee seminar that was held at the Theatre Academy. The seminar marked the 20 years that Sibelius Academy has organized arts management master degree programme in Finland.

It was really nice seeing everybody from my own class as well as previous students and the ones who had just started their studies this fall. Networking is always nice and that is why alumni events are organized regularly (remember to enrol as alumni after graduating!). The next one is in February.

It was also a special day for me. Part of the seminar programme was the publishing of the arts management jubilee book “Making sense of arts management”. I was asked to write a short case article for it, which was a great opportunity, and now that text is published as well. Even though it is just a little text, it still feels great to be involved!

I wrote briefly about artist hospitality at music festivals – which actually later became the topic of my Master’s Thesis. This particular topic has not been a popular subject for writing or studies and because of that I found it useful to say something about it. Also, my expertise about the subject is quite good as I have worked my entire career more or less with it.

The jubilee book is divided into six sections that discuss different topics. Marketing and branding, leadership, entrepreneurship, event management, partnership and fundraising as well as audience and community engagement are all featured topics. The book also features writers such as Annukka Jyrämä, Mervi Luonila, Katri Halonen, Francois Colbert, Heidi Lehmuskumpu and our own arts management professor Tanja Johansson. The collection of topics and writers is quite impressive.

The book is now available at Unigrafia bookstore for 25€. Please see more here.