Opening, exhibition and new projects/ Andreas Behn-Eschenburg


The four weeks of our exhibition passed really quickly and we packed up our works and tidied the spaces. I received a lot very valuable feedback and the whole experience of building up this exhibition gave me a lot of confidence and ideas for the future. Just after the exhibition opening I wanted to continue to work in the studio.

So what has Kuvan Kevät taught me? In a way it was an exhibition like other ones I have done before but with this one it was important to me to give my best and do well.

I moved to Finland two years ago to study and to grow as an artist and a person and this exhibition was the culmination of all the work and the time spend learning, studying and making during the last two years. It was a very important achievement for me.

In the build up to Kuvan Kevät I learned new methods of working in the studio and I believe as a painter or a sculptor or as any studio based artist it is important to find a good way of how to make work in the studio and maintain a balance between making and not making (research and reflecting on the work). Maybe finding a good working way is one of the most valuable things I can take with me from Kuvan Kevät and my Master degree.