Susanne Kujala and Pip Eastop: Improvisation is a joint adventure


On Friday September 8th in Music Centre Organo all French horn musician Pip Eastop and organist Susanne Kujala join forcees in improvisation. In their concert called Interstellar, they get inspired space which to them symbolizes freedom - freedom to move in any direction and do anything they want. 

- Improvisation can be like a chase - also infantile and childish at times - great fun!, says Eastop. 

- Improvising together is always much more fun than only by yourself, Kujala accompanies.

Eastop and Kujala met during the first ever Brass @ Sibelius Academy festival in Summer 2016 and there was immediately something special in their cooperation. Watch the video where these two amazing musicians reflect on their views on improvisation. 


8.9.2017 klo 19, Music Centre, Organo

Pip Eastop, French horn and natural horn
Susanne Kujala, organ