Finland and Finnish traditions presented in the GLOMUS Camp


The core programme of the GLOMUS Camp consists of four main activities: the small groups, the large groups, the oficinas and the regional presentations and concerts. In the regional presentations representatives of the participating countries present their own cultural background in form of a music or dance performance, a collective activity or a spoken presentation of a topic that is relevant to their culture and arts. The Finnish team performed on the 12 January and they included a Finnish song in their regional presentation that they shared and sang with the camp participants and finally they taught some of the participants a traditional Finnish dance.

This time the camp includes also regional concerts that are open for public to attend. The first regional concert was held 13 January at the campus of the Music School and not only was the auditorium full of people, but over a hundred stayed in the lobby of the school to see the performances from the television where the performances were cast. The Finnish team performed in the first regional concert and it started with Tomas Takolander singing a Finnish folk song that had the lyrics from Kalevala. It was followed by a joint improvised performance by both Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy participants Jenni Nikolajeff, Verneri Lilja, Nathan Thompson and Tomas Takolander. The Finnish part concluded in a performance by the GLOMAS students.

Kansainvälinen GLOMUS Camp kokoaa tammikuussa 140 musiikin osaajaa 23 musiikkioppilaitoksesta 20 maasta Brasilian Nataliin 10.–20. tammikuuta 2017. Leiri pidetään nyt viidettä kertaa, ja sen järjestävät yhteistyössä Taideyliopiston Sibelius-Akatemia, Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg (Tanska) ja Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Brasilia). Taideyliopistosta leirille osallistuu 19 edustajaa. Lisätietoja: