Photo: Antti Kujanpää

Anders Jormin: Nordic countries succeeded in meeting jazz students' needs


Swedish jazz musician, double bassist, teacher, composer Anders Jormin was appointed Honorary Doctor at the Sibelius Academy in 2003.

- That was probably due to my visit at the Academy as a guest professor in the mid 1990ies. It meant a lot to me  - realizing that what I did as a teacher was appreciated, taken under concideration. The years as a guest professor were very rewarding for me.

This week Jormin has been working with the Sibelius Academy jazz department’s teaching faculty at the Kallio-Kuninkala centre in Järvenpää, Finland. For three days, the faculty together with Jormin and US musicians Jim Black and Seamus Blake have worked on the music by teachers themselves and also by Jormin, who even composed something especially for this occasion. Jormin has high appreciation for the Sibelius Academy jazz education.

- The classical department of the Sibelius Academy is very well known – but so is, in fact, the jazz department! The careful, accurate and knowledgable teaching is well known all around Europe, he says.

From a musician, keeping up with the changes in the music field requires maintaining an open mind.

- There is not a huge amount of new knowledge being produced, it is more about new ways of using the knowledge. As a teacher, it is about me listening to what the students are looking for, and then maybe able to give some advise. I look upon teaching as sharing.

Watch the video, where Jormin tells more about his thoughts on jazz music education.