Updates on the university’s reopening – the guidelines for the summer will stay valid until 9 August

Uniarts Helsinki has made updates on its guidelines concerning its operations and use of facilities. The university’s preparedness team has decided that the current guidelines will stay valid until 9 August. This means that studies, teaching, practice and other work will be carried out mainly remotely until 9 August. Decisions concerning the autumn term (10 August–) will be made by Midsummer, 19 June.

A summary of the updated guidelines:

  • teaching is carried out mainly through remote teaching until 9 August 2020
  • the personnel works mainly remotely until 9 August 2020
  • studies are carried out mainly through remote learning until 9 August 2020
  • the kind of studies, teaching and other work that have been given priority based on joint principles will be allowed in the university facilities between 1 June and 9 August 2020 
  • Students may use the university facilities for independent practice by applying for a separate permission from their own academy. The priority is given to activities that contribute to graduation within the year 2020, work that cannot be carried out outside of the university facilities, and/or work that cannot be delayed until the autumn term.

Exchange studies will be made possible in the 2020–2021 academic year, all the while taking the pandemic situation and possible regulations by authorities into account, which may limit the opportunities to go on an exchange period. More detailed guidelines concerning exchange studies will be provided later. The decisions on outgoing and incoming exchange students will be made by the academy deans.

Updated policy concerning the facilities

The university’s preparedness team has changed its previous policy concerning the use of kitchen facilities that are in shared use. This is because it has been estimated that the use of shared kitchen facilities does not involve a particular, higher risk of infection than other activities, as long as safety measures are followed.

Shared kitchen facilities are available for use as long as everyone maintains a 2-metre distance to each other and washes their hands carefully before using the room. Everyone must also take care of the careful cleaning of kitchen utensils and surfaces after use. It is recommended that people use the kitchen in turns and minimise the total number of people in the room at the same time.

Updated policy concerning the library

In Helsinki, the library is open for use with certain restrictions Monday through Friday from 1 to 18 June 2020 at 11–15. The library will be closed in Helsinki and Kuopio from 19 June to 9 August due to a transition to the new library system Alma.

It will not be possible to use even the self-service library when the library is closed. Due to the transition to the new library system, borrowing and returning items using the self-service machines is not possible, and the security gates will not be in use, either, because they operate using the same system that is being replaced. Each university library that is switching over to the new system will have to restrict their services during the summer.

Services that are not linked to the library’s system, such as e-resources and databases, will be available as usual. The library advises everyone with copying and borrowing needs to visit the library on 18 June at the latest when the library is still open.

More information

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