Uniarts Helsinki’s foundations receive a significant donation supporting studies in performing arts and folk music

The Keele Foundation has made a donation of 50,000 euros to the University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation and the Sibelius Academy Foundation. Through the donation, the Foundation wants to support young artists and the future of culture in Finland. The donation will be distributed to Uniarts Helsinki students through grants already this spring. 

Half of the donation is allocated to the Theatre Academy Fund of the University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation to support studies in performing arts. The other half is allocated to the Martti Pokela Fund of the Sibelius Academy Foundation to support studies in folk music. The donation will be distributed to students in the form of grants in connection with the grant application round this spring. In the future, the Keele Foundation will support studies in the arts with an annual donation. 

“By making this donation, the Keele Foundation wants to show its support to future shapers of the Finnish arts and culture scene. Uniarts Helsinki and its foundations were selected as the donation recipients thanks to the university’s internationally esteemed education in the arts and its broad-ranging and impactful activities. Through the foundations, we can give direct help to promising young artists in the form of grants. We hope that the donation is a contributing factor in encouraging young people to boldly walk their own paths as artists,” says board member of the Keele Foundation Paula Vesala, who has graduated from Uniarts Helsinki as a music educator and dramaturge.

Collaborating with Rosa Meriläinen, the secretary general of the central organisation for Finnish culture and arts associations KULTA ry, Vesala looked for potential donation recipients in the arts and culture sector by commission of the Keele Foundation. It was the expertise of Uniarts Helsinki’s foundations and the impact of the foundations’ activities that convinced the Keele Foundation. Every year, the foundations award grants to over 400 students representing various fields at Uniarts Helsinki. 

“We greatly appreciate the Keele Foundation’s interest in supporting the arts. Pursuing the arts professionally is not an easy choice for a young person to make in these times, and we’re happy that with this donation, we’re able to provide even stronger support to our students on the path they have chosen,” says Rector of Uniarts Helsinki Kaarlo Hildén.

The purpose of the Keele Foundation is to promote and support the halting of climate change that weakens living conditions, the development and use of good energy, an active lifestyle, sustainable mental health and health care, and a dignified and good life. The Foundation also supports art, science and culture. 

The foundations operating in connection with Uniarts Helsinki award grants to students and provide support for the university in the development of its activities. The Sibelius Academy Foundation supports studies and education in music, while the University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation supports studies and education in fine arts and performing arts. Each year, the foundations award over 700,000 euros in grants and subsidies. The foundations’ funds are accrued through bequests and donations.

Further information: Foundation officer of the University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation and Sibelius Academy Foundation Anni Pokki, tel. 050 476 6961 and anni.pokki@uniarts.fi