Uniarts Helsinki’s current COVID guidelines for teaching stay valid until 28 Feb, artistic activities continue without outside people in the audience until 31 Jan

Entrance doors to the university’s facilities will stay closed until 31 January, and access is possible only with a personal access key.

The preparedness team of Uniarts Helsinki convened on Thursday, 7 January, to discuss the university’s coronavirus-related guidelines. It was decided that the validity of the current COVID-19 guidelines for teaching will be extended until 28 February, while the guidelines for artistic activities will stay valid until 31 January. For the most part, other work will continue remotely.

Updated COVID-19 guidelines


In principle, teaching is organised completely remotely until 28 February.

Teaching that is impossible or unreasonably difficult to organise remotely in order to complete the study attainment will be arranged on campus in a group of max 10 people. Arranging contact teaching requires a permission from the head of the department, degree programme or subject area in question.

The permission to organise contact teaching or practices/rehearsals and performances connected to teaching with over 10 people is applied from the dean, or, as regards the Open Campus, from the vice rector for education. Organising contact teaching, practices/rehearsals or performances with over 10 people is possible only if it is considered absolutely critical by the academies, despite the risks, in terms of the attainment of the learning objectives.

The full version of Uniarts Helsinki’s current guidelines for teaching can be found in the main news article on Artsi, titled How coronavirus affects the University, the article is updated regularly.

Artistic activities

Artistic activities will continue in the university’s facilities without outside people in the audience until 31 January.

The current guidelines concerning artistic activities have been published in their entirety in the main news article on Artsi: How coronavirus affects the University, the article is updated regularly.

Leisure-time activities

Leisure-time activities of both individuals and groups in Uniarts Helsinki’s facilities will stay suspended until 28 February. Study-related practice is not considered leisure-time activities. 

The Theatre Academy gym will stay closed until 28 February.