Uniarts Helsinki admitted 314 new students in spring 2024

The number of new bachelor’s and master’s students admitted to the university was 314, of whom 35 will study at the Academy of Fine Arts, 189 at the Sibelius Academy and 90 at the Theatre Academy.

The most sought-after university in Finland

The bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes received a total of 5,304 applications, which is 225 applications more than last year. The total number of applicants was 4,425. The number of applications was 1,157 at the Academy of Fine Arts, 1,773 at the Sibelius Academy and 2,374 at the Theatre Academy.

Uniarts Helsinki is Finland’s most sought-after university when set in proportion to applicant numbers, as about 7% of the applicants were admitted. The most popular application options were the Degree Programme in Acting, Degree Programme in Fine Arts and Master’s Degree Programme in Arts Management, Society and Creative Entrepreneurship.

The number of applications from international applicants to Uniarts Helsinki increased by about one-fifth from the previous year. International applicants represented 35% of all applicants to Uniarts Helsinki.

The number of applicants and admitted students varies each year, because some programmes do not admit new students on a yearly basis.

Internationally attractive community

About one fifth of the university’s current students come from outside of Finland, and dozens of nationalities are represented in the community. Exchange students who have studied at Uniarts Helsinki are also very satisfied with their studies, and the university has received recognition for its exchange student practices.

The university’s goal is to be an internationally attractive community that offers students many international study opportunities, from exchange studies to networking opportunities. Uniarts Helsinki’s networks enable students to participate in international exchange opportunities, international productions, residency programmes, mentoring and visits by top teachers, among other things.

Students admitted to Uniarts Helsinki in spring 2024

Only those who have given permission to publish their names are mentioned in the list of admitted students on the website.

Further information on admissions

Academy of Fine Arts: kuva.admissions@uniarts.fi

Sibelius Academy: siba.admissions@uniarts.fi

Theatre Academy: teak.admissions@uniarts.fi