Entrance examinations to be organised in the spring, other events are cancelled until 31 May

Published on 20.3.2020 at 15.43.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, all contact teaching at Uniarts Helsinki is suspended and all facilities will be closed until 13 April 2020. Nevertheless, the Finnish universities have prepared a joint policy recommendation, which states that the universities’ entrance examinations will be arranged in the spring. Uniarts Helsinki has published its separate, more detailed instructions.

Admissions for the Sibelius Academy’s Junior Academy will be rescheduled and take place in the autumn.  

During the period when the facilities are closed, students will study and staff will work remotely. Teachers are in charge of providing their own students with instructions related to studies.  

The service personnel may implement flexible working hours under these exceptional circumstances, which means that employees may schedule their workday in a way that is best suited for them in their life situation. If necessary, it is possible to start very early on in the morning or alternatively focus on working in the evenings. Despite this flexibility, tasks that require cooperation and reachability should be scheduled between 9 and 17.   

All old annual leaves accrued in 2019 must be taken by 31 May 2020. If a person has accumulated excess working hours in the working time bank and their work situation allows it, the employer encourages employees to take flexitime leave during 18 March and 13 April 2020. Wellbeing hours are in use as usual.    

The university facilities will be available for work only for persons working in specific duties. The facilities must not be used without a prior agreement. If an employee is part of this group, they will be informed of this by their supervisor. In addition, teachers may contact the university’s coronavirus preparedness team by email and request the permission to prepare materials for distance teaching in the university facilities. The deans will give their academies further instructions on the permission process. For the time being, students’ access rights to the buildings are completely inactivated.  

The pick-up of personal work equipment from the university’s facilities must be arranged as soon as possible. The pick-up of items must be agreed upon in advance with the buildings’ attendants on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9 and noon.  

All public performances, concerts, exhibitions and other public events that would have taken place in the university facilities on or prior to 31 May 2020 have been cancelled. Live streaming of events may be arranged even before that date, if the instructions issued by the authorities permit it.  

Uniarts Helsinki’s library facilities are all closed between 18 March and 13 April 2020. It is not possible to return books or other material to the library during this time. Loans will not become overdue when the library facilities are closed due to the coronavirus epidemic.  

Kela’s provisions regarding student financial aid make it possible to take into account the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus. More information is available on Kela’s website.  

Despite the situation, the university will continue to operate as normally as possible. The aim is to resume everyday life as soon as the epidemic situation and the authorities’ instructions allow it.  

Attendants’ phone numbers:  

  • M Building: 0294474401  
  • N Building: 0294474403   
  • R Building: 0294474404  
  • Kookos: 0400792007  
  • Elimäenkatu: 0294474406      

Further information  
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