Courses and research projects with ecological sustainability themes


Uniarts Helsinki’s academies have carried out and are currently carrying out several courses and research projects that discuss ecological issues from various perspectives and/or that are arranged in accordance with the principles of sustainable operations.  

For example, the Theatre Academy arranged a course named “Sustainable stage” as a collaboration between the Degree Programmes in Lighting Design, Sound Design and Design for the Performing Arts and the Theatre Academy’s support services for artistic work in 2022. In 2022–2023, the Sibelius Academy is offering a course called ArsADAPT, which is arranged in cooperation with researchers of the ADAPT project (Adaptation and Resilience for Sustainable Growth, 2018–2023).  

Ongoing projects at the moment also include the international project titled Music Education, Professionalism, and Eco-politics (2021–2025), which is run by the Sibelius Academy and deals with the responsibility of music education professionals in the times of systemic crises and the project Terra-Performing (2022–2027), which was launched by Samir Bhowmik and focuses on extractivism through the means of performance research, environmental humanities and media research.