Artist becomes part of school community in residency programme – application period open for Academy of Fine Arts alumni until 5 June

The application period for the autumn 2024 artist residency of the Fair Sculpture project opened on 22 May. Two residencies are open for the alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Veikko Kähkönen / The University of the Arts

In the residency programme, the artist carries out their professional practice in an Espoo upper secondary school, interacting with the school’s students. In this way, the residency realises the Fair Sculpture project’s goal of offering young people more opportunities to engage with art in their everyday lives.

The application period concludes on 5 June and is open for all who have graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts by autumn 2024. The 2.5-month-long residency periods begin in September and take place in the Matinkylä and Viherlaakso upper secondary schools in Espoo. The schools provide the selected artists with a studio space and the University of the Arts pays them a monthly salary and a material grant.

As part of the residency programme, the selected artists hold a weekly open doors afternoon at their studio and, if possible, other events and workshops. The idea is for the artist to be present in the students’ everyday school lives by practicing their artistic work in the school.

The residency is part of the Academy of Fine Arts’ Fair Sculpture project. The resident artists will write a report of their residency period which will be used in the research carried out within the project.