A survey shows that young Finns value Uniarts Helsinki’s reputation as a place of study – the university’s brand is growing stronger

According to a brand survey carried out by Taloustutkimus for people under the age of 30, Uniarts Helsinki has a good reputation as a place of study among other higher education institutions in Finland. Uniarts Helsinki’s brand grew stronger compared to the previous year.

Nainen kantaa toista naista hartiallaan
Veikko Kähkönen

According to the survey, Uniarts Helsinki’s brand has developed in a positive way in almost all of the categories compared to the previous year. Uniarts Helsinki improved its ratings in the following two categories, in particular: “The offered degrees are valued on the job market” and “The higher education institution’s website offers useful information”. In these categories, Uniarts Helsinki’s rating increased by 20%. The general grade given to Uniarts Helsinki by the survey respondents was 7.98 (on a scale of 4 to 10). 

Uniarts Helsinki stands out from other universities and has an attractive location 

The survey showed what kinds of statements were associated with Uniarts Helsinki, and it was rated third overall in two categories: “The institution stands out from other universities” and “The city where the university is located is attractive”. 

Young Finns also regarded the high-quality teaching and the useful content on the university’s website as some of the strengths of Uniarts Helsinki. In these categories, Uniarts Helsinki was fifth. The survey was carried out using an online questionnaire, which was completed by about 3,000 Finns under the age of 30 in February–March 2020.