The university’s Digital Communications Specialist helps people create better web content

The ‘Working at Uniarts Helsinki’ series presents people who enable the growth of students and help them become highly skilled and broadminded artists and changemakers, thanks to their work in different roles within the university.

Digital Communications Specialist Hanna Loraine values having an interesting and intelligent work community.

Who are you and what do you do at Uniarts Helsinki?

“I’m Hanna Loraine. I work as a Digital Communications Specialist in the communications team, and I’m currently in charge of the university’s website redesign project.”

Why did you apply to work at Uniarts Helsinki?

“The job duties sounded really interesting and I felt like I could be happy in this job. I found Uniarts Helsinki an attractive employer, because I value having an interesting and intelligent work community. I’ve worked in a university environment for a long time and enjoyed it a lot, so Uniarts Helsinki was something familiar but also added something new through its arts and culture aspect.”

What is the best part of your job?

“Being able to help out people by improving the functionality of things. The Internet is full of badly designed web content and pages, and I find it meaningful that I can give my own contribution in making the Internet a teeny bit better.

It’s also nice that thanks to my job description, I’ve had the chance to meet people working in many different positions at Uniarts Helsinki. I became more and more familiar with the community already in the preparation phase of the redesign project, and the more I’ve met new people, the happier I’ve been to work here. Everybody has been really cooperative and positive, even though working in phases means that we constantly have to deal with changes and the state of unreadiness.”

What is the best aspect of working at Uniarts Helsinki?

“Definitely the work community. And the communications team, especially. I have never been part of such a competent and clever team before. Working in this team is fun and productive, and the conversations we have at lunch are the highlight of the day!”

Which Uniarts Helsinki performance or exhibition did you visit most recently?

“I went to see the BFA Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts on its opening day. What struck me the most was the warm and excited atmosphere and the strong visionary approach that the young artists showed in their work; I’ll never get tired of admiring how gifted our students are.”

About Uniarts Helsinki

Uniarts Helsinki is an open meeting place for the arts – an ambitious university community for bold reformers and experts in tradition. We cultivate a unique environment that helps artists grow and strengthens the power of art as a driver of change. Uniarts Helsinki is among the leading performing arts universities in the world, and it is comprised of the Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy. We have about 2,000 students, 60 professors and 700 full-time equivalent employees. 

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