Meet the student: Nils Hansson

Pianist Nils Hansson will perform as a soloist in the upcoming Sibelius Academy Symphony Orchestra concert on 30 October at the Music Centre. We asked Hansson about the concert and some cultural tips for the rest of the year.

Who are you and what are you doing at the Sibelius Academy?

My name is Nils Hansson Meng, I come from Sweden and I’m currently studying my last year of master’s in Piano performance. This concert will be a great way for me to sum up my studies at the Sibelius Academy.  

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I see myself as an extroverted artist, in the performance it is important for that the audience can feel an impression, whether it is an idea of their own or something that I have been thinking. I like to sometimes take risks, as I think all musicians should. I believe it makes the performance more human, as we put the deeper meaning of the music over playing mistakes. 

What are your greetings to the audience of the upcoming Sibelius Symphony Orchestra concert? What should they pay special attention to?

I’m sure that the audience will enjoy the concert to the fullest, as I think the program is wonderful. I think Sibelius Symphony Orchestra has great energy, which will work greatly with Beethoven’s fifth piano concerto, which is filled with joy and liveliness. Not to forget the conductor of the concert, Sakari Oramo, whom I’m extremely excited to work with. 

Your cultural tips for the rest of the year?

Go to many different types of culture events, not only music. Challenge yourself to go a concert or an exhibition that is something new for you. It’s incredible in how many ways people can express themselves through art, what kind of subjects can be processed through it and what kind of various emotions it can provoke in us.