Complete Uniarts Helsinki’s courses at the Open University next spring – registration begins on 22 Nov

The course selection of the Open University during the 2023 spring term includes several writing-related courses, for example. One of the courses gives students the opportunity to learn from prominent authors and other professionals in the publishing industry.

Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University offers a wide range of studies in music, theatre, dance, fine arts, arts management and career skills for the arts sector. Students at the Open University can choose to complete individual courses or take on larger study modules.  

Open University studies give people the chance to see what university-level studies in the arts are like and complement their professional competence or discover a new inspiring activity in the arts. During the 2023 spring term, the selection includes courses in music and theatre pedagogy, the history of various artistic disciplines, as well as career skills in the arts, such as project management, marketing and negotiation and performance skills.

Some of the Open University’s courses are available as online studies, while some require on-site attendance. The application period for the spring term’s courses will begin on 22 November and end on 7 December when it comes to studies that are integrated into degree-oriented teaching, or on 12 December when it comes to the studies that are organised by the Open University.

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Complete writing courses at the Open University

The course selection of the Open University during the 2023 spring term includes several courses in writing. 

The course Kirjallisuuden tulevaisuuden tekijät (Future Names of the Literature World, 2–3 cr) will delve into the current state as well as the future of the literature world from the perspectives of various operators in the industry. People from the literature and publishing sector, such as Anna-Riikka Carlson, Sirpa Kähkönen and Elina Hirvonen, will visit the course and offer their views on how megatrends such as digitalisation change literature and the book industry in general.

“The lecture series is carried out through interviews, and the aim is to offer insight into the book industry as one of the sectors in the creative fields and to give students the chance to learn about professionals in the field and about their work, as well as about the changes and renewal going on in the field and related threats and opportunities and about the skills that are needed in the field now and in the future,” says course teacher Minna Castrén, who has an extensive career in the book industry.

The course is thematically connected to Castrén’s dissertation, which discusses the ecosystem of literature. The course can be completed completely online.

Students who wish to do hands-on writing exercises are welcomed to the course Unikirjoitusseminaari (Writing Seminar on Dreams, 2 cr) led by author Maria Peura and the course I as a Writer (3 cr) led by poet and lecturer of writing at Uniarts Helsinki Miia Toivio. 

“The focus on the I as a Writer course is on reflecting on one’s writer’s identity and extending and expanding one’s boundaries as a writer. The course is an introduction into writing, and it kicks off the bachelor’s studies in writing,” Toivio notes.

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Freelancers can take courses free of charge

During the 2022–2023 academic year, Uniarts Helsinki will give freelancers in the independent arts sector the opportunity to complete studies in entrepreneurship and career skills free of charge at the Open University. By offering the courses for free, the university wants to support professionals in the independent cultural sector in recovering from the COVID crisis.  Check out the selection of studies in entrepreneurship and career skills