Change negotiations to continue in September

The change negotiations have been held in good spirits of united effort. Uniarts Helsinki’s staff members have actively participated in the brainstorming of savings and development targets.

Uniarts Helsinki initiated change negotiations concerning the entire personnel on 11 March 2024. According to the preliminary estimate, the university is aiming at savings of 2.5 million euros, equalling approximately 55 person-years.

The aim is to avoid dismissals and to utilise the natural reduction of workforce through retirements and by not filling positions that become vacant.

The reason for the change negotiations is the fact that Uniarts Helsinki’s expenses have been higher than its income for already two years now. According to the forecasts, the situation will continue also in the future. On top of this, as the university operates in a rapidly changing operating environment, it needs to secure renewal and development, which requires the re-examination of its activities.

This spring’s last change negotiation session was held on 8 May. The negotiations will continue in September as regards the following three subject matters: rearrangements of how work is organised, targeting of savings or other changes in operations at the units and the focusing of personnel impacts among various personnel groups.

The aim is to conclude the negotiations by the end of the year.