Iona Roisin - Installation / pre-opening / opening / party / afterparty


Dear reader,

Of course there were many numbers of technical hitches during installation, despite having finished my film 2 weeks before the opening and there literally being only 3 electrical components. I still can’t totally relax because I expect the Brightsign to just randomly stop working at any moment. Some exclusive BTS shots:

But well I finished it in the end w/ a lil help from friends and technicians (thanks xxxx) here is me + wine:

On the day of the opening my housemate made me a nice breakfast to prepare me for the trials of the day ahead, she even bought a Finnish cheddar which had a convincing flavour but a slightly unusual texture (you can check my Finnish cheese reviews on my other blog). Lots of things were yellow and orange, even the stains which seemed to be a good omen. I did my makeup abnormally nicely for me but of course that lasted for all of 2 minutes until I started sweating and touching my face.

So I arrived early wearing a relaxed and understated wide-leg trouser suit, we were asked to get to ex lab around 14 for casual proseq and snacks (the only free bar of the day!!!!) though of course by the time the prizes were given out we (or I) had been drinking for 4 hours, even the €2 half strength bottle of Cosmopolitan Diva “““wine””” (filtered through gold) didn’t delay my wave much. I didn’t even get a pic of me taken with my work because I was too busy staying as far away as possible, which lead to me chain-smoking outside. I feel super uncomfortable at my own openings, I don’t really enjoy them, will someone talk to me, will no one talk to me, am I supposed to stand around my work schmoozing the clients, am I supposed to ignore people giggling at it, or not take it personally when people disregard it? Why am I such a fucking baby?

The rose / prize giving ceremony (congrats to everyone who won something, I’m jel) was when I was at the peak of my drunkenness. I unfortunately had to sit on the bloody front row, almost the entire thing was in Finnish which is hard to concentrate on at the best of times, I sat there nicking Greg’s brandy and stroking my face with the rose (sorry).

My parents were late because they got lost, I don’t remember much (any) of what they said to me about the work, though I’m pleased that I invited them to see it, they wouldn’t have made a big drama if I hadn’t invited them but I feel like this is the mature and emotionally balanced way to go about these things. Two of my best friends surprised me and flew in from London, I was tipsy and overwhelmed and cried hysterically and went on about the weird dream I had the night before where my friend’s mum had died. We went for pizza.

At the after party I got very tired because of all the day-drinking, I went to take a lil nap in my studio, it took me a little while to fall asleep due to all the rocking tunes that were playing downstairs and I was massively grumpy when my friends came to wake me up after an hour and forced me to rejoin the party.

I didn’t have a hangover the next morning which made me feel youthful and spritely, I rose at a respectable hour and began living beyond my means immediately, I strolled through Kruna to pick up HS, juice and croissants and began the extensive task of google translating my feature. Oh sweet, sweet legitimacy. If you speak Finnish you can read the Hesari article here.

Until next time