Texts discussing about seeing dance


Franz Anton Cramer writes a review of Jeroen Peeters's book "Through the Back. Situating Vision between Moving Bodies" (2014, Kinesis Publications, Helsinki). In the text, he dicusses with Peeters's texts and ideas i.e. about seeing dance, not only through our eyes (as an image) but through our whole bodies. "Thus, seeing is an interaction between the spectator’s body and that of the dancer. And this interaction is the source of a whole number of possible ways of constituting the genre of dance", Cramer writes. He continues:  "The subtitle of this Jeroen Peeters anthology outlines the book’s real subject: Situating Vision, which is to say that the cultural technique of seeing itself is not universal, not an unquestioned constant in an artistic approach to the world. Rather, the principal of visibility exists prior to and independently from theatre as an institution, giving dance a very specific task of its own."

The review praises Peeters as a thinker and gives a rather vast overview on what his book is about, and thus wheedles into reading it. 

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