Niklas Larsson

Tuntiopettaja, S/Puhaltimet, lyömäsoittimet ja harppu


My name is Niklas Larsson (born 12.10.79) and I come from Värmland in Sweden. I have played trombone since age of thirteen, and I switched to bass trombone when I was seventeen. I have also played classical guitar since the age of nine.


  • Malmö Academy of Music (04-05), teachers: Eric Lindblom, Thomas Dahlkvist, Per-Kristian Svensen
  • Gothenburg Academy of Music (03-04), teacher: Ingemar Roos

Orchestral Experience

  • Finnish National Opera Orchestra  (present, since autumn -05)
  • Norrköping Symphony Orchestra spring (-07-08)
  • Metro Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow (spring -02)

Teaching experience

  • Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland (present, substitute since -10-11, permanent since -13)