Is it your dream to develop your playing skills as far as possible? Do you dream of working as soloist, chamber musician or piano teacher? As a student of piano music at the Sibelius Academy you will receive internationally renowned teaching from top musicians and educators, domestic as well as international.

In a nutshell

  • Target degree: bachelor’s and master’s degree in music, master’s degree in music
  • Scope of the degree: BA + MA, 180 + 150 credits (3 yrs. + 2.5 yrs.), MA degree, 150 credits (2.5 yrs.)
  • Field of art: Music
  • Organiser: the Sibelius Academy
  • Next time to apply: January 2020
  • Studies begin: at the start of the academic year in August
  • Person responsible for the degree programme: Subject group leader Niklas Pokki
  • Other persons responsible/Head Teachers: Professor Erik T. Tawaststjerna, Professor Tuija Hakkila

Aims and career opportunities

Upon graduating you will possess excellent artistic tools for working both as a soloist and as a member of various ensembles, as well as in different types of roles as a musician. During your studies you will gain an understanding of different musical styles and learn basic teaching skills. If you wish, you may study instrument pedagogy more extensively and complete pedagogy studies entitling you to work as a teacher. Upon graduating you may work as a soloist, chamber musician or piano teacher, but also in other assignments that demand musical and artistic expertise. You may choose the path of a researcher or administrator, find work in the field of media or set up your own music business. You will gain the professional skills needed to take on work transcending different fields of culture, such as collaboration projects with various cultural institutions. Many virtuoso pianists educated at the Sibelius Academy have gone on to international success, including e.g. Gergely Bogányi, Paavali Jumppanen, Laura Mikkola, Olli Mustonen, Henri Sigfridsson and Antti Siirala

Contents and structure of the education

During the first three years of studying for the bachelor’s degree, you will, in addition to the piano, study ensemble work, musical perception skills, music history and pedagogy. You may also take elective courses of your own choice as well as possibly study a minor subject. In addition to the courses offered at the Sibelius Academy, you will also be able to choose courses from the other academies of Uniarts Helsinki, as well as from joint studies. Your studies will also include language studies.


During your master’s degree studies you will continue studying your main instrument. Elective studies enable you to either develop your competence more broadly or select a focus for more in-depth study.


The top-notch studies in piano education offered by the Sibelius Academy give you an excellent skill set for working as a piano teacher. Studies consist of lectures and guided teacher training, in which each student teaches his or her own trainee student. In your pedagogy studies you will become acquainted with the Finnish system of music schools, and with methods of piano playing for teaching individuals and groups, from beginners right up to university level. Your studies will also include repertoire seminars, workshops in job-seeking and study trips in Finland and abroad.





  • Hanna Aho-Oikkonen
  • Antti Hotti
  • Naoko Ichihashi
  • Hamsa Juris
  • Teppo Koivisto
  • Timo Koskinen
  • Kirill Kozlovski 
  • Matilda Kärkkäinen 
  • Sirkka-Liisa Kärkkäinen
  • Juhani Lagerspetz
  • Niklas Pokki
  • Ilmo Ranta
Part-time teachers
  • Rebekka Angervo
  • Jarmo Eerikäinen
  • Sonja Fräki
  • Tuula Hanhinen
  • Eero Heinonen
  • Carlos Juris
  • Elisa Järvi
  • Juho Keränen
  • Junio Kimanen
  • Anna Kuvaja
  • Risto Lauriala
  • Liisa Malmivaara
  • Risto-Matti Marin
  • Ayane Matsuura
  • Maija Parko
  • Joonas Pohjonen
  • Valeria Resjan
  • Elina Saksala
  • Henri Sigfridsson
  • Erik T. Tawaststjerna
  • Hui-Ying Tawaststjerna
  • Kari Tikkala
  • Maija Väisänen
  • Irina Zahharenkova

How to apply

Links to the admissions guides and more information about applying can be found on the admissions page. The next application period to the University of the Arts Helsinki is in January 2019.

Contact information

All University of the Arts Helsinki e-mail addresses are in the form firstname.lastname (at) uniarts.fi

Head of Department Niklas Pokki

Deputy head of Department Helka Kymäläinen

Professor, teacher-in-charge (piano) Erik T. Tawaststjerna

Professor Tuija Hakkila


siba.admissions (at) uniarts.fi