Global Music

Sibelius Academy offers two programmes in Global Music, a 5.5-year and 2.5-year programme. The 5.5-year degree programme includes both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, while the 2.5-year programme is offered as a joint Master’s degree between Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland and the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark. Both programmes are taught in English and are open to musicians from a diverse range of musical and cultural backgrounds.


The Global Music programmes (GLOMAS) embrace cultural diversity and aim to educate multi-skilled, innovative musicians and pedagogues with a strong sense of global responsibility. Through the GLOMAS curriculum, students will develop the ability to perform, communicate, collaborate and lead in a wide range of musical, cultural and socially-engaged contexts.


The title of Global Music is viewed in the broadest sense, incorporating multi-disciplinary and collaborative cross-arts approaches, alongside traditional and contemporary forms of artistic expression. Taking inspiration from the richness of cultural diversity, students are supported in forming their own unique artistic and pedagogical identities within the global context. The programme emphasizes the development of essential skills required in transcultural musical settings. The student is introduced to diverse musical practices, with importance placed on improvisation and experiencing music in the body. Subjects relevant to the career of a professional musician are also covered, including such areas as musical leadership, project management, entrepreneurial skills and applied research.


Courses are taught by experts in their field from Sibelius Academy, as well as numerous visiting teachers and guest artists. Students may also take courses from the other academies at the University of the Arts, Helsinki, including the Theatre Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts. As well as receiving both individual and ensemble tuition, students also form a multidisciplinary transcultural arts company as part of their studies and will create a portfolio of new work through collaboration, with a series of performance opportunities.


Studying in the Master’s programme at Sibelius Academy is an extremely flexible process. With the help of our experienced academic advisors, you are invited to pick and choose from a variety of courses in order to design your own perfect study plan. Bachelor’s studies at the Academy are more structured, but you are still able to customize your schedule and pick elective courses according to your personal preferences. The 2.5-year master’s programme also gives you the opportunity to study in and experience two Nordic countries (Finland and Denmark), enabling you to develop and deepen your musical profile, while simultaneously acquiring knowledge of the existing Nordic multicultural music scenes. You will engage with diverse traditions and implement your own master’s project, based on fieldwork of your choice. The master´s project is the guiding line throughout the programme, which requires a high degree of self initiative and responsibility.



Opportunities are available for exchange periods and field trips abroad during both Bachelor and Master’s level studies.


Graduates of the the GLOMAS programme will be well equipped to develop international careers as multi-skilled performers, collaborators, project leaders, pedagogues and creative entrepreneurs.


See the Nordic Master of Global Music presentation video

Main areas of study

Main areas of study

The programme prepares you for a career as a global musician through:

  • Developing core performance and musicianship skills in a global context
  • Developing your own individual artistic identity
  • Giving you the opportunity to collaborate with other art forms and cultures, through the creation of new work
  • Training you to lead creative processes that facilitate collaboration across cultures and art forms
  • Pedagogical training that equips you with the skills to teach and lead projects in socially engaged community contexts. (E.g. schools, immigrant communities, hospitals, etc.)
  • Helping you to develop creative entrepreneurial skills and ways of thinking, including project management, grant writing, promotion, using new media, creating a portfolio and cultivating flexible skills for employability.

How to apply

With transcultural collaboration at the heart of the programme, applicants are welcome from diverse cultural and musical backgrounds. Musicians may apply on any main instrument, voice, or composition, including traditional instruments from around the world. Applicants with a background in other art forms may also be considered for the programme, provided they have a sufficient level of musical skills.

Contact information

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Lecturer Nathan Riki Thomson

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