Finland-Africa Platform for Innovation FAPI Pilot

A pedagogic research project exploring the socially innovative capacities of contextual / site-responsive art practice in the Nordic and Pan-African contexts.


The Pan-African/Nordic Studio project builds on the history of two groundbreaking international projects, one in the African context (the Asiko Art School) and another in rural Sweden (the Nordic Studio for Continued Engagement at Rejmyre Art Lab’s Center for Peripheral Studies).

The project explores the intersection of these two developed pedagogic experiments to build a new hybrid Nordic/Pan-African educational model and platform. The Pan-African/Nordic Studio creates local, regional and international discursive frameworks to support practice-based, site-responsive artistic actions and practices.

The vision of the project is to develop a sustainable, collaboratively constructed, pedagogic framework for practice-based, site-responsive encounters between African and Finnish artists and to articulate and widely disseminate the pedagogic methodologies developed within the framework in order to impact the future of university-level art pedagogy.

Àsìkò Art School / Nordic Studio: A case study of two pedagogic art initiatives

Àsìkò Art School / Nordic Studio: Lagos Workshop about shyness in May 2023


  • A multi-year series of encounters staged in selected African and Nordic contexts in which artists meet for practice-based exchange and collective study/interrogation of models of contextual practice.
  • Exhibitions/Public Events in the selected Nordic and African contexts.
  • A progressive publication series, with each publication building on the previous ones, that generates a physical and virtually accessible resource drawn from the accumulated results of this long-term research.
  • Conference/symposia presentations to share the pedagogic and social models that emerge from this project.

Contact information for the project in Uniarts Helsinki

Project name

Finland-Africa Platform for Innovation FAPI Pilot




– CCA Lagos, Nigeria
– Doul’art
– Musee National du Mali
– Mali Cultural Heritage Agency / Agence du Patrimoine Culturel du Mali
– The Nordic Studio for Continued Engagement at Rejmyre Art Lab’s Center for Peripheral Studies, Sweden

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