Päivi Järviö

  • University Lecturer, early music, history of exhibition practices, studying musician's own experiences, DocMus Doctoral School, Sibelius Academy
    Part-time teacher, other teaching, Early music, Sibelius Academy
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Mezzo-soprano, DMus. Päivi Järviö specializes in the singing, researching and teaching of Baroque and Renaissance music. She has performed as a soloist with numerous baroque ensembles and orchestras in Finland as well as abroad. Her recordings include music by Claudio Monteverdi, Luigi Rossi, Henry Purcell, and Tomás de Torrejón y Velasco. Further, she coaches singers, choirs, ensembles and conductors. In 2011 she completed her doctoral thesis on the embodied performing practice of Italian Early Baroque music, and is currently working as university lecturer and head of the DocMus Doctoral School at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts, Helsinki. In 2012 she also worked as a senior fellow in the Artistic Experimentation in Music research project at the Orpheus Institute (Gent, Belgium). Her present research focuses on the embodied present-day practice of performing so-called Early Music and what she provisionally calls embodied historiography.


Seminar of music performance.

Researching and verbalizing a musician’s own experience.

Propedeutic course for the applied and research study program (several teachers).

Methods and practices of music research (several lecturers).

Research of music and contemporary philosophy (several lecturers).

Introduction to doctoral studies.

Artistic activities

Concerts (selection): 

Concert at the Espoo Cathedral ”Organ night and aria ” concert series. Soloist of the Opus X ensemble, German baroque music (Dir. Petri Mattson) 20.8.2015

Concert, “Animal spirits II” in connection with the artistic research project “Gesture, voice, mien, movement…” at the Sibelius Academy chamber music hall. French baroque music. Working group of the concert: Päivi Järviö, Assi Karttunen, Kirsi Heimonen, lightning Ainu Palmu. 19.10.2012

Lecture concert (”A Singer’s Sprezzatura – What is Speaking in Tones in Italian Early Baroque Music about?”). Organo Hall at the Helsinki Music Centre. Early Italian Baroque vocal and harpsichord music. Päivi Järviö, mezzosoprano, Assi Karttunen, harpsichord. 23.10.2011.

Concert connected with the Domus Pompeiana exhibition at the Amos Andersson Art Museum as part of a concert series: “Italian Baroque Music from Naples and Elsewhere”. Päivi Järviö, mezzosoprano, Assi Karttunen, harpsichord, Eero Palviainen, theorbo, Ricardo Padilla, percussion. 26.4.2008

Weser Renaissance, Dir. Manfred Cordes at the Stockholm Early Music Festival ja Vantaa Baroque. Dietrich Buxtehuden: ”Jüngstes Gericht”. 10.6.ja 15.8.2007.

Music by Marc-Antoine Charpentier musiikkia (The Port Royalin Mass and Saül et Jonathan Oratorium). Plein Jeun Ensemble, dir. Kati Hämäläinen, harpsichord, at the Vantaa Baroque. 13.8.2006

Italian and German Baroque music at the Vantaa Baroque. Päivi Järviö, mezzosoprano, Capella Chydenia 17.8.2006

Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Leçons de Tenèbre in Helsinki. Plein Jeu Ensemble, dir. Kati Hämäläinen. 16.3.2005

Ostrobothnian Chamber Ensemble, Pergolesi’s Stabat Materin, alto soloist, dir. Kreeta-Maria Kentala. 9.4.2004

Estonian-Finnish Baroque Orchestra, dir. Tuomas Hannikainen (formerly Ollila). Soprano soloist in Nicolas Clérambault’s solo cantata. 4.-5.1.2002 Tallinn and Helsinki

“Night at the Ateneum” — Televised concert in collaboration with the Finnish Swedish Television (Finnish Broadcasting Coorporation). 2.11.2001

The Sixth Floor Ensemble (currently: The Finnish Baroque Orchestra) dir. Kati Hämäläinen, harpsichord, Pieter van Dijk, organ. Alto soloist in Johann Sebastian Bach’s solo cantata “Geist und Seele wird verwirret”. Concert in connection with the Kotka International Organ Festival. 27.11.2000

Weser Renaissance Ensemble, dir. Manfred Cordes, at the Vantaa Baroque (Orlando di Lasso: Marienvesper). 11.8.2000

Tapiola Sinfonietta, dir. Andrew Lawrence-King (Dramatic music by Henry Purcell). 15.-16.12.2000

The Sixth Floor Ensemble (currently: The Finnish Baroque Orchestra) dir. Kati Hämäläinen, Markus Malmgren, organ. Alto soloist in Johann Sebastian Bach’s solo cantata ”Vergnügte Ruh”. Concert in connection with the Kotka International Organ Festival 5.12.1998

Kotkan Symphony Orchestra. Alto soloist in Händel’s Messiah 3.12.1998

Soloist if the Finnish Radio Chamber Choir at the “Music Before Romanticism” festival  (La Pellegrina Intermedi of 1589 in Florence) 30.10.1997.

The Harp Consort, dir. Andrew Lawrence-King; Utrecht Early Music Festival (Tomás Torrejón y Velasco’s opera La purpura de la rosa, 1701, role Belona) 1.–2.9.1997

Recordings (selection):

Solo songs by Henry Purcell with Annamari Pölhö (harpsichord) Lauri Pulakka (viola da gamba ja sello) and Eero Palviainen (archlute) kanssa (Alba Records: ABCD 131)  2.5.–5.5.1998

Tomás Torrejón y Velasco’s opera La purpura de la rosa, 1701 (role of Belona). The Harp Consort, dir. Andrew Lawrence-King (BMG Classics: 05472 77355 2)   3.–6.9.1997

Claudio Monteverdi’s miniature opera Il Ballo delle Ingrate (role of Veneren) with the baroque ensemble Tragicomedia  (Teldec 4509-90798-2)  21.–23.9.1992

Research and publications

“In search of theories of voice in dialogue with practice.” Kirja-arvio: Andrew M. Kimbrough 2011. Dramatic Theories of Voice in the Twentieth Century. Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies 1/2016.

“The singularity of experience in the voice studio: A dialogue with Michel Henry.” – Kirja-artikkeli antologiassa Thomaidis, Konstantinos & Macpherson, Benjamin 2014. Voice(s): Critical Approaches to Process, Performance and Experience. Routledge.

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Kehollista musiikintutkimusta – Laulaja musiikin tekijänä ja tutkijana. – Proceedings-julkaisu; Monitieteinen musiikintutkimus. Suomen Musiikintutkijoiden 16. Symposium 2012.

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