Anne Piirainen

  • Visiting researcher, Historiafoorumi, Research hub


Concert Soloist (postgraduate), Royal Antwerp Conservatory, 1998; Master of Music, Rotterdam Conservatory, 1997;
Master of Music, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, 1995

Research and publications


Anne Piirainen: Clarinet Music from Russia and the Soviet Union 1917–1991: Discovering an unexplored side of the clarinet repertoire

Art Study Programme, Clarinet

Abstract of the concert series plan

An extensive and intriguing repertoire was composed for the clarinet in the former Soviet Union. Yet only a small number of these compositions is well known and regularly performed. The goal of my artistic research is to explore the variety within this repertoire and bring forgotten or unknown compositions to public attention. The results are being presented in a concert series with works for solo clarinet and for clarinet with piano along with chamber music for clarinet and strings composed during the years 1917–1991 in the Soviet Union or by Soviet emigrants.

Abstract of the written thesis

The written work is a general survey of Soviet clarinet literature from the Russian Revolution to the fall of the Soviet Union. The goal is to give the reader the opportunity to become acquainted with this repertoire and to offer essential background information on its composers and compositions. Subtopics such as Jewish music in Russia, Soviet composers in emigration or suppressed compositions are examined from a clarinettist’s point of view. This research gives new insights into the clarinet repertoire in general and can be a starting point for a broader perception of clarinet music.