Theatre Academy main building Kookos

The historic building on the Sörnäinen Campus offers versatile facilities for theatre and dance instruction and student performances.

Teatterikorkeakoulun päärakennus Kookos

The Kookos Building on Haapaniemenkatu houses facilities for theatre and dance instruction and rehearsals and as well as four studios that serve as the performance venues of Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy students. The Theatre Academy is one of the most active event organisers in Helsinki in the fields of theatre and dance.

The building also houses a university library that is open for everyone and specialises in the arts, especially in theatre and dance pedagogy as well as research in these fields. The Fazer Food & Co Restaurant for students and staff offers affordable breakfast, lunch and snacks.

A passageway connects the Kookos Building and the new Academy of Fine Arts facilities.

The Kookos building, located at the corner of Haapaniemenkatu and Sörnäisten rantatie, was completed in 1912 for the use of Kokos Ltd, which manufactured soap and margarine from coconut butter. The factory building was designed by architect Albert Nyberg. Kone Ltd became the owner of the building in 1926, when it was remodelled as the company’s main office and elevator factory. Since then, the premises had e.g. small industry, repair shops, warehouses, factory shops, offices and a gym. The building was vacant from the early 1990s. The Helsinki Society and the Finnish Architecture Society strongly pushed for the protection of the building instead of demolition. In 1990, the Oranssi movement took over the building and this too was significant for survival. Merita Kiinteistöt Oy became the owner of the property after Haka ‘s bankruptcy in the spring of 1996. When the Theatre Academy moved to the building in 2000, the facilities were renovated to meet the needs of theatre and dance students.

Facilities and activities

Restaurant Kookos
Sörnäinen campus library
Theatre Academy ticket sales
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Sörnäinen Campus


Haapaniemenkatu 6, 00530 Helsinki, Suomi

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 8-19

Sat-Sun 10-14

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The building is accessible and the floors can be reached by a lift. There is an accessible toilet on the same floor as the main lobby. It’s best to make sure that there is a wheelchair-accessible seat available before each performance.

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