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Hooray! We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary in 2023! The celebrations will be themed around the future of arts.


Uniarts Helsinki's Research Pavilion 2023 takes place in three different locations. One of them is Suomenlinna. The Research Pavilion exhibition is situated in Gallery Augusta, HIAP. Discursive programme will be organised in Nordic Culture Point opposite to HIAP.

Uniarts Helsinki’s Research Pavilion takes place in Gallery Augusta situated in Susisaari, Suomenlinna, between 5 and 21 June 2023. Gallery Augusta has been part of HIAP Suomenlinna since the beginning of the year 2010. Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) is an international artist residency organisation. HIAP Gallery Augusta is a venue for exhibitions, events and open studio events.

Read more about HIAP.

Nordic Culture Point, Susisaari

Nordic Culture Point is an institution of the Nordic Council of Ministers. It has premises opposite to HIAP Gallery Augusta in the same building in Susisaari, Suomenlinna. The Research Pavilion discursive programme takes place in its premises between 5 and 16 June.

Read more about Nordic Culture Point.

Accessibility information for the HIAP and Nordic Culture Point premises on Suomenlinna

Accessing the HIAP Gallery Augusta & Nordic Culture Point by wheelchair is possible but both institutions recommend to be accompanied by a person assisting because the entrance doors are not step-free. HIAP and Nordic Culture Point are happy to help you plan your visit. Please contact them for additional information.

More information about accessibility on Suomenlinna and a map indicating more accessible routes on the island can be found here. The numbers of the buildings in Suomenlinna include a letter (according to the island) and the building number. Nordic Culture Point and HIAP are located on Susisaari (the letter B in the address system). B28 is a long, light-red single-storey building. Please note that no signposts designate the accessible route in the terrain.

If you prefer to follow a more accessible route towards the HIAP studios upon your arrival, please let HIAP staff know. Read more and find the contact information for HIAP.


HIAP, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

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Suomenlinna B 28/2, 00190 Helsinki

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