Study Plan instructions: Jazz Music

This is how you make a Study Plan for your exchange application.

How do I get started?

Start planning your Study Plan by looking into your main subject/instrument curriculum here: Under Sibelius Academy, you can also find the section “Courses for exchange students”, from which you can find suitable elective courses from other main subjects’ curricula and studies open for all students regardless of department (e.g. language studies, performance studies, physical education).

Make sure you include the courses and credits required as compulsory by your home institution. In case you are accepted as an exchange student, you will need to start a Learning Agreement according to your home institution’s guidelines. 

Main instrument studies

Bachelor: one-to-one instrument classes 14 hours/semester, 6 ECTS
Master: one-to-one instrument classes 14/semester 15 ECTS (includes more student´s own work than Bachelor)
Second instrument: available upon application 8 hours/semester 1,5 ECTS

S-JZ1_24 Jazz ensemble 4 ECTS/semester
S-JZ2_24_S24K25 Repertoire workshop 4 ECTS /semester

Structural awareness and writing music

S-JZ5_24 Jazz Rhythm 1 – rhythmic analysis 3 ECTS/semester
S-JZ24_24 Jazz Rhythm 2 – Rhythm section workshop 3 ECTS/semester
S-JZ4_24 Ear training level 1 3 ECTS/semester
S-JZ14_24 Ear training level 2 3 ECTS/semester
S-JZ21_24 Interval Jazz Ear training 3 ECTS/semester
S-JZ9_24 Jazz harmony level 1 3 ECTS/semester
S-JZ19_24 Jazz harmony level 2 3 ECTS/semester
S-JZ12_24 Arrangement level 1 3 ECTS/semester
S-JZ13_24 Arrangement level 2 3 ECTS/semester
S-JZ28_24 Jazz composition /group or one-to-one lessons/1-7 ECTS upon agreement
S-JZ6A_24 and S-JZ6B_24 Jazz history 2,5 ECTS/semester

Working life skills

S-JZ8_24 Master class 2 ECTS/semester / visiting teachers

S-JZ23_24 Jazz Music Business

Courses outside the Jazz department

Performing skills, ergonomy & wellbeing / check the elective courses under this topic below
Language skills: Finnish for exchange students, 2 ECTS or other language studies

Bachelor level exchange students

Jazz Department recommends the following for Bachelor level exchange students:

  • Main instrument, Second instrument, Jazz ensemble, Jazz rhythm, Ear training, Master class (total 39 ECTS / academic year)
  • One or more of these: Jazz harmony, Arrangement, Composition, Repertoire Workshop
  • For Ear training, Harmony and Arrangement courses: the student can visit the courses during the first week in order to be able to find the right level
  • Possible electives

These courses have been popular electives among our exchange students in the past. Click the name of the course to see its page in the Study Guide (opens in a new tab).

Language courses

Well-being and performance and learning coaching

Creative skills and improvisation

Early music

Folk music

Global music

Music education

Music history

Music technology

Arts Management, Society and Creative Entrepreneurship
Master level students only

Vocal music