Study Plan instructions: Global Music

This is how you make a Study Plan for your exchange application.

Global Music studies in Sibelius Academy

The Global Music programme embraces cultural diversity and aims to train multi-skilled, innovative musicians and educators with a strong understanding of intercultural collaboration and global responsibility. Students are expected to develop the ability to perform, communicate, collaborate, facilitate and lead in a wide range of musical, cultural and socially engaged contexts. 

The term ‘Global Music’ is viewed in the broadest sense, incorporating multi-disciplinary and collaborative inter-art approaches alongside traditional and contemporary forms of artistic expression. 

With intercultural collaboration at the heart of the programme, applicants are welcome from diverse cultural and musical backgrounds. Musicians may apply on any main instrument, voice or composition, including traditional instruments from around the world. Applicants with a background in other art forms may also be considered for the programme, provided they have a sufficient level of musical skills. 

How do I get started?

Start planning your Study Plan by looking into Global Music department’s own Uniarts page: Links to the curricula are found by scrolling down the page. In the Study Guide for Sibelius Academy you can also find the section “Courses for exchange students”, from which you can find suitable elective courses from other main subjects’ curricula and studies open for all students regardless of department (e.g. language studies, performance studies, physical education). 

Make sure you include the courses and credits required as compulsory by your home institution. 

Global Music studies for exchange students

These studies are suggested for the exchange students of the Department of Global Music:

These courses have been popular electives among our exchange students in the past. Click the name of the course to see its page in the Study Guide (opens in a new tab).

Language courses

Well-being and performance and learning coaching

Creative skills and improvisation

Early music

Folk music

Global music

Music education

Music history

Music technology

Arts Management, Society and Creative Entrepreneurship
Master level students only

Vocal music