How to apply for exchange studies at the Academy of Fine Arts

Application information for the academic year 2024-25. Find out who can apply and how. The next application round will be open from March 7 to April 3, 2024.

Who can apply?

We accept exchange student applications from our partner institutions. Please contact your home institution’s International Office to find out whether you can apply for an exchange study period at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Application schedule and term dates

Deadlines for applications

  • The application period for the autumn term 2024 or the academic year 2024-2025 will be open from March 7 to April 3, 2024.
  • The application period for the spring term 2025 will be open from September 16 to October 15, 2024.

Academic calendar 2024–2025

  • Autumn term: August 19 – December 19. Dates include orientation days in August.
  • Spring term: January 7 – May 31. Summer courses continue until June 13.

We expect you to study according to the above-mentioned term dates. The maximum length of exchange studies at the Academy of Fine Arts is two terms.

Learn more about our study programmes and subject areas:

Application guidelines

The applicant will submit the application in Easy Mobility Online by the deadline. The link will be provided to the student after the partner has nominated the student. Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered. The documents required for the application are:

  • a short CV in PDF format describing your previous studies, relevant work experience, art projects, exhibitions, residencies and other relevant information in chronological order
  • a portfolio in PDF format: please include a maximum of 8 works in the portfolio. Each work may consist of 1–3 pictures. The maximum size of the portfolio is 20 pages. Please pay close attention to the quality and size of the pictures. In addition, you may upload video or audio files to accompany your application.
  • a research plan in case you are a doctoral student (as part of portfolio)
  • a motivational letter describing why you would like to study at the Academy of Fine Arts and what your expectations and aims for the studies are
  • a copy of your passport or other official ID
  • a preliminary study plan. The course catalogues are available at The course catalogues for 2024-25 will be updated in April 2024.

Evaluation and final decisions

Complete applications submitted through the online application system by the deadline will be sent for evaluation. The final decision is based on the quality of the application and artistic portfolio and on the availability of studio space.

The decisions are made within 5-6 weeks of the application deadline. We will notify both the applicant and the coordinator of the sending institution about the decision by email. Please note that email requests will not speed up the decision-making process.


If you have questions about the application process please send an email to