Cost of living in Helsinki

All students must cover their own living costs while studying at Uniarts Helsinki, so it’s important to plan a budget ahead.

All students must pay for their own accommodation and living expenses. You should plan this ahead before arriving in Finland and make sure that you have enough means to pay for possible tuition fees, health care fees, accommodation, and other living expenses.  

For students in Helsinki, basic living expenses like rent, food and transportation, will range between 700 – 1000 euros per month, depending on your spending habits. 

Accommodation is relatively expensive in Helsinki; one month’s rent is between 450-700 euros. 

Local transport monthly costs are between 35-55 euros for a student in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

You can check some specific examples of living costs on websites like Numbeo.

For degree students, there are also yearly expenses such as the Student Union membership fee for and the YSHS student health service fee

Finnish Immigration Service’s requirements for sufficient funds 

When applying for a residence permit, the Finnish Immigration Service, Migri, requires students to provide proof of sufficient means of support. The required sum in 2021 is just under 7000 EUR per year. In addition to this, you will need funds to cover a possible tuition fee.