Research with a global impact

Strategic goal 2/6: Our multidisciplinary research is internationally esteemed.

Uniarts Helsinki is recognised as a dynamically evolving research community. We have a distinct research profile, our researcher community has extensive networks and our research has an international impact. The structures laid out for our research activities are clear and support the researcher community in their pursuit of external funding.


We define a joint strategic profile for our research.

  • We establish arts research as an umbrella term to cover research in the arts, research in arts education and artistic research.
  • We define a university-level research profile that is based on a vibrant connection between artistic activities, university education in the arts and the surrounding society. We develop and renew the focus areas for our research during the strategy period. We establish university pedagogy in the arts and research into the education of artists as the new cores of our research profile.
  • We develop structures that support multidisciplinary and artistic research and promote researcher skills in our doctoral education.
  • When applying for funding, we emphasise the most significant funding organisations from a strategic perspective.

We increase our research activities and gain a larger share of international research funding.

  • We carry out a review of our research activities.
  • We actively contribute to the activities of EU programmes and cooperate with Nordic and European strategic partners.
  • We increase our opportunities to apply for competitive international research funding and compile a long-term strategy concerning research funding applications and EU engagement.
  • We allocate the core of our research funding to extensive multidisciplinary research projects.
  • We enhance the profile and impact of the university’s publishing activities.

We promote the internationalisation of our researchers.

  • We set up an international network with the focus on researching the education of artists.
  • We strengthen our Nordic cooperation especially in the areas of doctoral education and research in the education of artists.

Strategy indicators

  1. The number and quality of scientific and artistic publications in our core and emerging fields.
  2. The national and international value of our competitive research funding.
  3. The total number and value of our multidisciplinary research projects.