Orchestra Academy of the Music Centre

When future musicians are educated in the same building as the best experts in the orchestra world, a unique educational concept is created.

The Orchestra Academy of the Music Centre is a collaboration scheme launched by the principal residents of the Music Centre in Helsinki – the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinkithe Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (FRSO) and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO). Its purpose is to create a unique learning environment in orchestral music for future professionals. The Orchestra Academy was introduced in autumn 2015 and is administered by the General Managers of the two orchestras and by the Dean of the Faculty of Classical Music and the Professor of Conducting and Orchestral Training from the Sibelius Academy.

The operations of the Orchestra Academy of the Music Centre are planned jointly by the two professional orchestras and the university. The principal residents of the Music Centre have potential for educational collaboration that is excellent even by international standards, because they occupy the same building and work together every day. With future musicians being educated under the same roof with the highest orchestral expertise available, establishing a specialist training programme is a no-brainer. This unique scheme is geared towards boosting Finnish music through professional training and audience outreach.

The Orchestra Academy is planning joint productions of works that require massive forces, and also cooperation to broaden audience outreach work at the Music Centre. The Sibelius Academy is committed to providing continuing education as may be required by the professional orchestras.

Contact information

Emilie Gardberg
Dean, Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki
tel. 050 339 0990

Aleksi Malmberg
General Manager, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
tel. 040 163 8590

Tuula Sarotie
General Manager, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
tel. 040 844 2666