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Event has a new date

today it suits me

Vents and brags; demands your attention: solo speech performance.

Kuvassa henkilö ja punainen käsilaukku.
Tangmo, Ladapha Sophonkunkit

Performance has been postponed to August! More information coming soon!

“I walk around the closet in my bra, and I am having such a sensational time.

I notice a coat, it penetrates my eyes, and I feel a subtle rush through my body – the dark and strong presence of the material, exceptionally flamboyant.”

Once a week over the course of the past year, Tina Jeranko committed herself to visit the Theatre Academy’s Costume Department to assemble an outfit she would don the following day. This process-oriented work, The Fabric of Identity, enabled Jeranko to investigate with their own body where they experienced the pleasure, joy, and resentment of visual aesthetics and their materiality as well as the performativity and social factors of attire.

Through this process, Jeranko accumulated an array of textual material – words and phrases arose with the looks, a combination of her own thoughts, conversations, social media comments, and pop music lyrics.

Each of the looks was performed for the camera, resulting in a vast archive of photographic material. Some appear on the Instagram profile @artistasbouquet, and others will pop up on the screens in the window case of the boutique-like space where today it suits me will be performed.

The final garment, chosen for the performance, has been the result of a collaboration between the performer and costume designer Autuas Ukkonen.

today it suits me, as one of the outcomes of a larger body of work, is a dense assembly of voices performed by Tina Jeranko, touching on her complex relationship with attire, layering, adding up, fabricating, and practising style as a form of resistance.

Working group

  • Performance Artist: Tina Jeranko (MA program in Live Art and Performance Studies, artistic thesis project for a Master of Arts)
  • Style consultant: Hanna Ijäs (Performer and Artist)
  • Voice Mentor: Mari Kätkä (musician and music pedagogue)
  • Costume Designer: Autuas Ukkonen (AaltoARTS, MA program in Fashion, Clothing, and Textile Design)
  • Photographer (Studio): Tangmo, Ladapha Sophonkunkit (MA program in Live Art and Performance Studies)
  • Photographer (Candid): Stefanía Ólafsdóttir (MA program in Live Art and Performance Studies)
  • Bouncer: Amanda Hunt (MFA program in Sculpture)

Duration approximately 30 min.

The performance can as well be experienced from the street through the windows, for which registration is not needed. Welcome!


1.6.2023 at 18:00

2.6.2023 at 14:00

2.6.2023 at 18:00

3.6.2023 at 14:00

3.6.2023 at 18:00

4.6.2023 at 14:00

4.6.2023 at 18:00


Recover Laboratory

Vaasankatu 2

00500 Helsinki


Free admission

Ticket sales begin 11.5.2023

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