The Fool

As for the present that rejoices, thy heart will soon open up.

Kuvassa piirretty klovni.
Mira Roivainen

The Fool is dangling on the edge of a cliff. The White Dog nibbles at their calves in mild annoyance. The pitch-black sweating fear of the unknown. An indifferent sun paints the faces of the unhurried scene. The only exit, the neck-breaking fall, leads to (if the sign next to it is to be believed) Life.

Working group

  • Directing: Kirmo Komulainen (Degree programme in Directing, 2nd year student)
  • Dramaturgy: Mimmi Ahonen (Degree programme in Dramaturgy and playwriting, 2nd year student)
  • Performers: Vega Adsten, Niko Nordström, Bella Paasimäki (Degree programme in Acting in Swedish, 2nd year students)
  • Scenography and costume design: Mira Roivainen (Degree programme in Design for the Performing Arts, 2nd year student)
  • Sound design: Tommi Uniluoto (Degree programme in Design for the Performing Arts, 2nd year student)
  • Lighting design: Pinja Juhola, Mikko Kaukonen (Degree programme in Lighting design, 2nd year students)

This performance is part of the study module From Material to Performance.


10.2.2023 at 17:00
11.2.2023 at 14:30
13.2.2023 at 18:30
14.2.2023 at 15:30
14.2.2023 at 19:30



Haapaniemenkatu 6

00530 Helsinki


In advance 15€/7€/4€ 

At the door 17€/9€/6€ 

Ticket sales begin 1.2.2023


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