Maarika Autio – Approcreations

In the Crosshairs of Cultural Appropriation: Perspectives of a Non-Native

The solo concert explores the creative leeway of a non-native musician with West African traditional instruments while navigating the intricate currents of the ongoing cultural appropriation discourse. It prompts reflection on contemporary notions of conscious creativity versus appropriation in music and other performing arts. And how does an artist form their artistic identity in the maelstrom of diverse cultural influences? This concert marks the initiation of presentations on Maarika Autio’s artistic doctoral research. 

The title, approcreation, combines the terms appropriate and creation into a concept describing a way of making art while respecting the cultural roots of inspiration.

The concert is Maarika Autio’s first doctoral concert.

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Maarika Autio, balafon, kora, vocals  

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10.4.2024 at 19:00 – 20:20


Black Box

Mannerheimintie 13

00100 Helsinki

Helsinki Music Centre

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