Libero Mureddu – Sonic Avatars

Libero Mureddu’s second doctoral concert.

Differently, in the second doctoral concert no textual instructions will be given, and four instrumental improvisers will have to react to audiovisual recordings of their own playing. Four other players, hidden from the audience, will trigger and manipulate in real time the digital doppelgängers of the four instrumentalists. 


Libero Mureddu: artistic concept and direction, UI design, additional Max programming, live electronics (von Schlippenbach’s avatar) 
Vincent von Schlippenbach (DJ Illvibe): turntables 
Harri Sjöström, soprano and sopranino saxophones 
Livia Schweizer, live electronics (Sjöström’s avatar) 
Antonio Borghini: double bass 
Ville Herrala: live electronics (Borghini’s avatar) 
Cristiano Calcagnile: drums and objects 
Teemu Mustonen: live electronics (Calcagnile’s avatar)

Alisha Davidow: stage direction 
Alexis Baskind: sound recording for the Berlin recording session, audio engine, audio players and preset system programming, additional Jitter programming 
Max Hilsamer: camera operator and lighting for the Berlin recording session 
Machine learning material: Counterpoint  
Tuisku Hillilä, sound recording at the Aalto Studios session, Helsinki 
Ilona Raivio, camera operator at the Aalto Studios session, Helsinki 
Bjarke Aalto, lighting at the Aalto Studios session, Helsinki 
Rolando Camilo, Aalto Studios recording organisation 
Federico Foderaro: Jitter programming
Jan Schacher: additional Max programming

Jon-Patrik Kuhlefelt: concert sound engineer
Sirje Ruohtula: concert light designer
Jonatan Snapir: concert assistant sound engineer

The project is supported by Taike, the Sibelius Academy Foundation, the executive group for doctoral education and research (TTOR) of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Libero Mureddu’s doctorate is supported by the Kone Foundation.
A special thank to Aalto Studios for offering their premises and personnel for the filming session in Helsinki and to Sakari Puhakka (Helsinki Jazz ry) for his help for the concert production.

On the 26th October, the same players plus veteran improviser Philipp Wachsmann will perform an improvisation concert organised by Helsinki Jazz ry.

Additional information: Janne Ikäheimo,

Mannerheimintie renovation project

Access to the Musiikkitalo from the direction of Mannerheimintie will be difficult. We recommend that you allow enough time for your arrival and use the entrance on the side of Kansalaistori if possible. According to current information, the entrance to Mannerheimintie will also remain in use throughout the renovation, but pedestrian routes can be challenging at times.

We recommend following the official information channels of the renovation project, where you can find the most up-to-date information.


25.10.2023 at 19:00 – 20:30



Mannerheimintie 13a

00100 Helsinki

Helsinki Music Centre



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