Online concert: Krishna Nagaraja – Polska Travels part 4: Tales of Norway

Krishna Nagaraja’s fourth doctoral concert

Painting: Ernst Josephson, Strömkarlen, 1884
Ernst Josephson, Strömkarlen, 1884

Concert will be streamed live on Uniarts Youtube channel.

Krishna Nagaraja’s doctoral travels on the wings of the most popular Nordic folk dance tune – the polska – conclude in Norway, and explore the repertoire of the enchanting Hardanger fiddle, evoking magical realms, fairy-like creatures, ancient lores of musical forms and modes.

Combining old with new, the music enters a timeless dimension where “folk”, “early” and “contemporary” blur their boundaries and engage in mutual interaction.

The concert programme features the premiere of two new works: a Suite for solo Hardanger fiddle, based on the unique tradition of the remote valleys in Setesdal, and “Stringar” for string quartet, inspired by three local variants of the springar or the Norwegian cousin of the polska.


Krishna Nagaraja (1975): ”A Norwegian Suite”, for solo hardanger fiddle (2019), World Premiere
I. Lyarslått
II. Nøkkenslått
III. Huldreslått
IV. Vandreslått

Vegar Vårdal, hardanger fiddle

Krishna Nagaraja (1975): ”Stringar”, for string quartet (2020), World Premiere
I. Udelt Takt
II. Telespringar
III. Valdres Springar

String Quartet Meta4:
Antti Tikkanen, violin
Minna Pensola, violin
Atte Kilpeläinen, viola
Tomas Djupsjöbacka, cello

Further information: Hans Tinell


11.5.2021 at 19:00 – 20:00


Online concert


Free admission