Homo Line

A musical based on Edith Hammar’s comic book.
The work asks the question what homesickness does to the human and provides no answers.

Edith Hammar

My journey goes between dimension homesickness and dimension Viking Line/
while travelling I try to relax in an A4 seaside standard cabin/
who am I here

We are on Glory, a fantasy version of the Sweden boats. They take sexual minorities across the Baltic Sea in search of opportunities to be themselves. But is Stockholm really a better option? And what can you do with the grief and tears that won’t stop? Together we remain, between dimensions, in a club, in a bathtub. We sing and dance and do soft, lovely, strange things with each other. We sing about homesickness, about desire and lust, about violence, about Stockmann clock, Tom of Finland and Homo Line.

Must the future be so fresh and profitable/
and then, or now it feels as if/
it feels like I’ve missed a lot of important things

Read more about the performance in Swedish.

Age recommendation +15.


10.2.2024 at 16:00
12.2.2024 at 19:00
13.2.2024 at 19:00
14.2.2024 at 19:00
16.2.2024 at 13:00
16.2.2024 at 19:00
17.2.2024 at 16:00



Haapaniemenkatu 6

00530 Helsinki

Theatre Hall

Ticket sales begin 18.1.2024

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