Gestures and Languages: Innovative Approaches to Artistic Thinking and Pedagogy

“Our world goes to pieces; we have to rebuild our world. We investigate and worry and analyze and forget that the new comes about through exuberance and not through a defined deficiency. We have to find our strength rather than our weakness (…) Education in general means to us academic education, which becomes synonymous with an unproductive one. If we want to learn to do, to form, we have to turn to art work, and more specifically to craft work as part of it.”

Anni Albers, One Aspect of Art Work. Published under the title “We Need the Crafts for their Contact with materials” Design, 46:4. December 12, 1944.

Gestures and Languages: Innovative Approaches to Artistic Thinking and Pedagogy, will take place 16.11.2023 at the Auditorium 1 at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Artistic Thinking is a transcognitive practice (Sullivan, 2001), a creative bringing forward approach to reality, an expressive, imaginative, unconventional set of ways of exploring-wandering ideas, communicating and inventing emotions, generating thoughts and forms of learning.

We welcome you to hear and discuss how notions of language and gesture shape and inform our pedagogical practices in the education of artists.
The event will consist of in person and online presentations of visual narratives addressing/challenging/rethinking aspects of Artist Pedagogy, expositions of research and teaching that have already been undertaken asking in what ways different art forms shape our artistic thinking and inform future possibilities of research and practice?


13:00 Opening and presentation of the Symposium

13:10 Presentations and discussion 

14:40 Coffee Break

14:50 Presentations and discussion

17:00 End

Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete. Plastic Extension of Music
Chelsea Coon. Performing the Weight of Gestures
Daniel Dubowitz: Flux Labs: A new language of practice for establishing a state of change
Chris Evans. I Don’t Know if I’ve Explained Myself
Sean Kaye. Text and Language
Esa Kirkkopelto. Body as a Scene: Words, Gestures, Diagrams
Nina Liebenberg. Weeds in the greenhouse
Ava Maken Ali. Ava: Raised in a Restrictive Society
Delphine Paul. Figures and Representations of the Artist-Teacher Since the 1970s in France: the Example of Gina Pane
Haris Pelapaissiotis. How Do We, as Educators, Help Students Transition From Course Learning To Studio Art Practice
Timothy Smith. Neurodiversity Rhetorics Toward Reimagining Artist Pedagogy
Rachel Yan Gu. Emotional Critique: a New Approach of Art Critique


16.11.2023 at 13:00 – 17:00


Kookos Auditorium 1

Haapaniemenkatu 6

00530 Helsinki

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