Roundtable by Saara Jäntti, Riku Laakkonen & Marja-Liisa Honkasalo: Challenging Evidence and Agencies. Social Effects of THEATRE

Theatre as a Tool to Recovery (THEATRE) was a two-year project, funded by the Academy of Finland. It aimed a) to implement results of a previous ethnographic research in a drama group in a housing facility for psychiatric service users and b) create a platform for further study of the possibilities of applied drama to make visible the residents’ needs, experiences and hopes in regard to home in a larger organization providing housing services. We also investigated the possibilities of applied drama to support the participants’ recovery in the context of social-psychiatric rehabilitation. Throughout the project data and evidence of the (social) effects of the project was gathered through multiple methodologies. Participants were trained and employed to carry out theatre workshops and research, perform and document the project. Our discussion highlights and problematizes the social effects, experiences and evidence these different sources of data convey and manifest.
The roundtable consists of a documentary film (20 mins) featuring the project “The Making of Sketches for Home” and a discussion.