Rautiainen, Pauli and Kivijärvi, Sanna: Contesting Music Education Policies Through the Concept of Reasonable Accommodation: Teacher Autonomy and Equity Enactment in Finnish Music Education

This paper focuses on reasonable accommodation in education by offering conceptual tools that could prove beneficial in resolving policy concerns for equity in music education. Providing reasonable accommodations entails making necessary and appropriate modifications that may include, depending on the circumstances, physical or interaction-related changes. From the perspective of teacher autonomy, this paper focuses on two aspects of reasonable accommodation: (a) its definition and (b) its implications for music education practice. Responsibility for reasonable accommodation is considered in the context of Finnish music education through three illustrations that address matters such as musical notation and instrument selection. We conclude that the concept of reasonable accommodation offers students and teachers tools to prevent disadvantageous musical and pedagogical conventions from being enforced at the level of the local curriculum and through teachers’ actions, potentially resulting in inequities and discrimination. –  This paper is based on our article published in journal Research Studies in Music Education.