Pauliina Laukkanen: Moving Writing – a workshop

The knowledge and logic through the body has its own, fleeting quality. In the performing arts, especially in dance, we enter this knowledge, quality and logic, working in the body and through the body. What is this knowledge like, if we try to put it into words, in the moment of experiencing? How does writing affect our experience of/in the moving body, how does the moving body affect the writing – how to bridge the different kinds of experiences and knowledges of the moving body and writing? What comes out if those two are merged?

My workshop of Moving Writing explores how writing and movement can be joined together in an effort to capture something of the essence and logic of dance/movement. In this workshop, we will do some movement exercises that lead toward experimenting with Moving Writing. Moving Writing is a result of my explorations with my personal movement practice and reflective writing during my doctorate.

For participating the workshop, you will need some space to move in, paper or a notebook (larger size is preferable, or several pages) and a pen or other writing tool.

“A thought emerges during movement / and on the following wave of movement an attempt to write the thought / Time and space are lavished / Now the pen in its turn produces a thought / Movement just is / taking turns / the body is wavelike, so is the thought / Time is in pulses”
(an excerpt of a practice, from my journal)


Pauliina Laukkanen is a doctoral candidate at the University of the Arts Helsinki. In her research she focuses on creating trauma-sensitive dance pedagogy for adults, promoting self-knowledge and sense of connection attained through dancing and reflective practices. Previously Pauliina has been working on bringing dance to people’s everyday surroundings, especially to elderly care units. She enjoys creative practices of writing as tools for self-discovery and for sharing of inner knowledge.