Kirsi Heimonen: If only – writing through the spatiality of the corporeality

This presentation illuminates a process of writing through corporeality in artistic research, in in which the impossibility of writing forms a challenge, in which re-writing and erasure, naming and un-naming produce on each occasion a certain kind of temporality through which something from the lived, sensuous experiences of moving may continue to resonate in the text. If only. The writer, within the disappearance of the known I, is lost in between the spatialities and temporalities of corporeality influenced by a somatic movement method, the Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT). Walking and standing, pausing and waiting, attuning to the lived experiences through the spatiality of corporeality leads one into a void as darkness and strangeness demanding the writer to expose oneself into the act of writing not being totally aware of what the written corporeality writes. Nevertheless, something may resonate, something unheard be called forth, given space to linger. In each artistic study, corporality as processual and relational becomes a spatial-temporal milieu or a passage through which events are channelled that generates a fragmentary and a spiral way of writing, in which language continues searching, meandering through its various rhythms, silences and pauses going beyond discursive logic.

What is the sense of this kind of inscription, in which the unnamable and vague yet lived resonance with its temporal intensity in corporeality may blossom and how much to argue for something that is grounded in darkness, ruptures and gaps? What does writing as forgetting, not naming, effacement, loss, violence, being lost or treachery do? Where does this non-personal circular writing approach aimed to nobody lead to, and what about its communicability? The presentation is mainly based on the practice of the Skinner Releasing Technique including theory it contains and writings by Maurice Blanchot.


Dr. Kirsi Heimonen is a University Researcher at the Centre for Artistic Research of the University of the Arts Helsinki. She is an artist-researcher with a background in dance, choreography, somatic movement methods and experimental writing, and her recent interests in artistic research have been circling around silence and insanity.