Cultural Management 2020 – Retrospective and Prediction, roundtable convened by Constance DeVereaux with Pekka Vartiainen, Aleksandar Brkić and Richard Maloney

Between 2006 and 2011 an international group of cultural management scholars and practitioners participated in a symposium series in Helsinki, Finland hosted by HUMAK University. It was one of the first formal attempts to focus on cultural management research as a distinct area of study. At the 2008 symposium, HUMAK University also organized the panel: Cultural Management in 2020, which sought to imagine the future of the field and the trends that would shape it. The time and location of the RN2 Conference makes it ideal to convene scholars who took part in the original symposia series in a roundtable presentation, to reflect on their past predictions and the unanticipated developments that have taken place since 2008. The roundtable will revisit specific themes addressed at the earlier symposia including the effects of globalization, consumerism, managerialism, institutionalism, and other forces on cultural management practices.