Uniarts Helsinki admits 322 new students

For the first time ever, Uniarts Helsinki admitted students to the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Cultural Music Studies and the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Writing.

Uniarts Helsinki has selected its new students. The number of bachelor’s and master’s students admitted to the university is 322, and 35 of them were admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, 202 to the Sibelius Academy, and 85 to the Theatre Academy. 

The university’s bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes received a total of 4681 applications (the number of applicants was 3886). The Academy of Fine Arts received 890 applications, while the Sibelius Academy received 1460 and the Theatre Academy 2331 applications.

22,5% of applicants came from outside of Finland.

Uniarts Helsinki is one of Finland’s most sought-after universities, as only about 8% of the applicants were admitted. The most sought-after degree programmes were Degree Programme in Acting, Degree Programme in Fine Arts and Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Writing.

The number of applicants and admitted students varies each year, because some programmes do not admit new students on a yearly basis.

Students admitted to Uniarts Helsinki in spring 2022 

Only those who have given the permission to publish their name are mentioned in the list of admitted students on the website. 

The admissions statistics can be found on our For applicants page.

Admission to master’s programmes in fine arts is August 2022. 

New degree programmes meet the workforce needs of the cultural sector

Uniarts Helsinki is launching two new bachelor-level degree programmes the next academic year: the Degree Programme in Cultural Music Studies and the Degree Programme in Writing.

The new Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Cultural Music Studies is based in the Seinäjoki Unit of Uniarts Helsinki. It caters to research-oriented needs of the increasingly more versatile cultural sector. The programme attracted 46 applicants, of whom 15 were admitted as students.

Another new degree programme that Uniarts Helsinki is launching is the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Writing, which is part of the programme selection at the Theatre Academy. Uniarts Helsinki has offered a Master’s Degree Programme in Writing since 2019. The bachelor’s degree programme attracted 262 applicants, and 8 of them were admitted as students.

Further information on admissions 

Academy of Fine Arts: kuva.admissions@uniarts.fi

Sibelius Academy: siba.admissions@uniarts.fi

Theatre Academy: teak.admissions@uniarts.fi