The UniArts Helsinki foundations awarded over 700,000 euros to students through grants

Foundations support the reconstruction of the arts sector

In its meeting on 5 April 2023, the Board of the Sibelius Academy Foundation decided to allocate a total of 650,000 euros in grants, of which 198,060euros were allocated to students through a general grant application process. A total of 231,800 euros is reserved for competitions and other allocation targets scheduled for later. Internal projects at the Sibelius Academy will be funded with a total of 220,140 euros.

– The foundation strengthens the reconstruction measures in the arts sector by promoting young musicians’ opportunities to play together, for example. The foundation also plays a significant role in promoting international opportunities for Sibelius Academy students, Sibelius Academy Dean Emilie Gardberg commented.

The foundation received a total of 289 applications through the general grant application process, and 240 applications received a positive decision. The dean made a proposal on the grant decision for the Board based on the statements by the heads of the departments. Grants were awarded e.g. for covering expenses caused by master classes, competition participation, doctoral degrees and travel expenses of Junior Academy students.

The University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation organised its first-ever general grant application process

In its meeting on 3 March 2023, the Board of the University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation decided to award a total of 27,500 euros in grants to Theatre Academy and Academy of Fine Arts students. The foundation organised its first-ever general grant application process and received a total of 91 applications, and 65 of them were from Theatre Academy students and 26 from Academy of Fine Arts students. The deans compiled a proposal on the grant allocation for the Board of the foundation based on the statements of the heads of the degree programmes and professors. Grants were awarded e.g. for courses outside of Uniarts Helsinki, international mobility and exhibition activities. Participation in the Praque Quadrennial event, which is a scenography festival organised every four years, attracted the highest number of applications.

Verneri Salonen selected as the next studio grant recipient

Each year, the University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation awards a studio grant for a talented artist who is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. The grant covers the rent of a studio located on Suomenlinna Island, other maintenance expenses, as well as the residency services provided by the residency organisation Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP).

– This residency offers a wonderful setting for a newly graduated visual artist. The international artist community and nature on Suomenlinna create an exceptionally inspiring work environment, Academy of Fine Arts Dean Hanna Johansson noted.

A total of 10 applicants applied for the grant. The proposal on the grant recipient was prepared by a review committee, which consisted of Johansson, visual artist and member of the HIAP Board Ulrika Ferm and Director of HIAP Juha Huuskonen. The Board of the University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation confirmed the review committee’s proposal in a meeting on 3 March 2023.

Verneri Salonen has been selected as the next recipient of the studio grant. Salonen graduated as a Master of Fine Arts from the subject area of time and space arts in December 2022. He works mainly with lens-based tools, sculptures and installations. The review committee finds Salonen an excellent fit for the HIAP residency. He discusses environmental issues in his art and draws inspiration from local conditions. Salonen also engages in cooperation with experts from various fields, which contributes to a stronger HIAP residency community, the review committee noted.

Foundations support the arts

There are two foundations operating in connection with Uniarts Helsinki, and their purpose is to award grants to students and to provide financial support for the development of the university’s activities. The Sibelius Academy Foundation supports music studies and education, while the University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation supports studies and education in fine arts and performing arts, in particular. Each year, the foundations award about 700,000 euros in grants and subsidies. The foundations’ funds are accrued mainly through bequests and donations made by private individuals. The foundations actively work to increase their wealth so that more and more students can boost their studies and career with the help of grants.